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Today is My Birthday by Susan Soon He Stanton was performed at the Yale Repertory Theatre in January and February of 2022. 

Direction: Mina Morita

Assistant Direction: Abigail Pañares

Dramaturgy: Jisun Kim

Set Design: Bridget Lindsey

Costume Design: David Mitsch

Hair Design: Matthew Armentrout

Lighting Design: Nicole E. Lang

Sound Design: Noel Nichols (UPTOWN WORKS)

Movement Coach: Erica Fae

Vocal and Dialect Coach: Cynthia Santos DeCure

Technical Direction: Dani Mader

Stage Management: Kevin Jinghong Zhu

Assistant Stage Management: Bekah Brown 

Cast: Jeena Yi, Francis Jue, Emily Kuroda, Chivas Michael, Atra Asdou, Gabriel Brown

Assistant Lighting Design: David DeCarolis

Production Electrician: Eugenio Sáenz Flores

Light Board Programming: David Wilmore

Spotlight Operators: Henry Rodriguez and Sam Skynner

Photos: Joan Marcus, Adam Tolbert, and Suzu Sakai

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