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Let's Go to the Moon! is a space puppetry musical for all ages. It tells the story of a group of unlikely astronauts trying to reach the moon and the friendship they build along the way. Told through a combination of cut-paper puppets, shadow puppets, and 3-D stick puppets, this musical adventure combines strong visual storytelling with a variety of original musical compositions. ​

Let's Go to the Moon! was performed virtually at the Yale Cabaret in February 2021.

Creators/ Puppeteers: Nicole E. Lang & Jisun Kim

Music: Samantha Wolf & Soomin Kim

Lyrics: Alana Jacoby

Sound Design & Incidental Music: Emily Duncan Wilson

Dramaturgy: Benjamin Benne

Producer: Will Gaines

Assistant Producer: Wendy Davies

Stage Management: Brandon Lovejoy

Assistant Stage Management: Charlie Lovejoy

Technical Director: Laura Copenhaver

Pre-Show Video Design: Camilla Tassi

3-D Puppet/Scenery Designers: Emmie Finckel & Marcelo Martínez Garcia

Mouse: Shimali De Silva

Woman from Venus: Madeline Seidman

Moon Rock: Maeli Goren

Sad, Old Rover: Nat Lopez

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