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 BIOADAPTED by Alexis Roblan, James Yu, Tjaša Ferme was a world premiere exploration of bioadapted media, the future of AI, and human morality produced by Transforma Theatre Co. at Culture Lab LIC in September 2023. 

Direction: Tjaša Ferme

Set Design: Oliver Zeller & Emily Greco

Costume Design: Alex C. Webster

Lighting Design: Nicole E. Lang

Sound Design: Liam Bellman-Sharpe

Projection Design: Jeremy Bennett

Tech & Innovation Direction: Heidi J. Boisvert

Tech & Innovation Assistant: Jingyao Shao

Stage Management: Gaby Garcia

Assistant Direction: Nasay Ano

Cast: Nasay Ano, Arianne Banda, Juan Cardenas, Annemarie Hagenaars,

Melody Munitz, Thammie Quach, Stephanie White

Photos by Nicole E. Lang & 

Dinara Khairova

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