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DEFACING MICHAEL JACKSON by Aurin Squire was a world premiere play produced by Miami New Drama at The Colony Theatre in March 2023. 

Direction: Shaun Patrick Tubbs

Set Design: Frank J Oliva

Costume Design: Grier Coleman

Lighting Design: Nicole E. Lang

Sound Design: Quentin Chiappetta

Choreography: Randolph Ward

Intimacy Choreography: Nicole Perry

Fight Choregoraphy: Lee Soroko

Stage Management: Katelyn Bourke

Assitant Direction: Katlin Svadbik

Assistant Stage Management: Amanda Ortega

Cast: Joshua Hernandez, Xavier Edward King, Sydney Presendieu, Dylan Rogers

Production Management: Jessica Kaschube

Technical Direction: Steven Nuñez

Production Electrician: Luisa Suarez

Photos by Nicole E. Lang & Stian Roenning

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